Mariposa Bible Study August 31, 2012.

A new Bible study focused on the attributes of God is about to begin in Mariposa in late October 2012. In this multi-week study, participants will learn what the Bible says about the character and nature of God, via their Bibles and the book “One True God” by Paul Washer. The study is hosted by the Mariposa Reformed Baptist church plant, a new “Doctrines of Grace” believing Baptist church opening soon. RSVP or more info at 209-379-5672 or Thursdays 6:30-8:30.

Web Excursions: August 25th, 2012 August 25, 2012.

3 Characteristics of Plain Preaching – 1. Plain preaching addresses the mind with clarity. It addresses man as a rational creature. 2. Plain preaching confronts the conscience pointedly. Work hard on the consciences of sinners. 3. Plain preaching woos the heart passionately. It it affectionate, zealous, and optimistic. Do not just reason with the mind and confront the conscience; appeal to the heart.

Catechetical Evangelism – Joel Beeke: "At various levels in the church as well as in the homes of their parishioners, Puritan ministers taught rising generations from both the Bible and their catechisms. Their goals were to explain the fundamental teachings of the Bible, to help young people commit the Bible to memory, to make sermons and the sacraments more understandable, to prepare covenant children for confession of faith, to teach them how to defend their faith against error, and to help parents teach their own children."

ARBCA Summer 2012 Update – The 2012 Summer Update from ARBCA is out. Highlights: Profile of Abraham Marshall, a church planter and baptist pioneer; Missionary zeal and doctrinal fidelity; Special updates from mission work in Canada.

Why Moralism Is Not the Gospel – Albert Mohler: "One of the most seductive false gospels is moralism. This false gospel can take many forms and can emerge from any number of political and cultural impulses. Nevertheless, the basic structure of moralism comes down to this — the belief that the Gospel can be reduced to improvements in behavior. Sadly, this false gospel is particularly attractive to those who believe themselves to be evangelicals motivated by a biblical impulse."

Web Excursions: August 23rd, 2012 August 23, 2012.

Why I Am A Reformed Baptist – Dr. James White explains why he is a Reformed Baptist by conviction in this audio sermon from 1998.

The Acts of the Holy Spirit – A neat infographic from The Good Book Company offering a timeline of Acts and the epistles.

The Threefold Use of the Law – Ligonier has a quick, helpful look, at the threefold use of the law.

Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors’ Conference 2012 August 23, 2012.

The Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors’ Conference will be held from October 29-31, 2012 at Christ Reformed Baptist Church in Vista, CA.

The primary purpose of the SCRBPC is for the edification of those in the Christian ministry. The conference will function within the theological framework of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith. Eight lectures will be delivered by at least two men, followed by ample discussion time. Pastors, Students, Interns, and Aspirants are cordially invited to attend.

Dr. Sam Waldron, Dr. Richard Barcellos and Dr. James Renihan will be speaking.

Web Excursions: August 20th, 2012 August 20, 2012.

New Modern Reformation Video on Islam – "Curious about Islam? Want to dig a little deeper after reading Michael Horton’s article in the July/August issue of Modern Reformation? This is the first of three video conversations that Dr. Horton recorded to help us understand the differences between Islam and Christianity."

Five Features of Preaching in the Book of Acts – "In his book on Acts, Alan Thompson notes five characteristics of apostolic evangelistic preaching (90-99). These five features serve as good models for all types of preaching, both then and now."

The Essential: Faith – "Unlike some terms such as Trinity and theology, the Bible itself provides a clear and concise definition of faith. Hebrews 11:1 says, 'Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.' In other words, faith is a staking of our hearts and minds on a reality that is beyond us, both in time and comprehension. It is ahead of us ('hoped for') and above us ('not seen')."

10 Tips on Solving Mysterious Bible Passages from Sherlock Holmes – In The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes commented to Watson about how to solve mysterious cases in ways that apply directly to studying the Bible. You probably expect Holmes to take the most sophisticated approach to solving mysteries. But what struck me was that these comments illustrate the most basic Bible study principles.

A Biblical Case for Old-Earth Creationism – In your Christian walk, do not put more emphasis on something than the Bible does. The "young earth" vs. "old earth" creation debate is a case in point. The debate one of the most divisive issues in evangelical christianity today. Some even use "young earth" creationism as a test of orthodoxy. Whatever your opinion on the matter, this article illustrates that it is possible to hold a Bible-honoring "old earth" position.

Welcome! August 20, 2012.

Mariposa Reformed Baptist Church is reformed baptist church plant coming, by God’s grace, to Mariposa County in early 2013. Thank you for visiting our website.

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