The Gospel Is Not Social – "Every culture and generation has been tempted to capture Jesus for their own agenda." You can't.

7 Areas of Unbiblical Conscience Binding – Feeding on Christ – To be sure, we should all be zealous to teach and exemplify every principle of holiness taught in Scripture; but more often than not, individuals who are most zealous for holiness fall into the trap of teaching their personal applications of a biblical–or a supposedly biblical–principle of holiness rather than simply teaching the principle.

Of Virtues True And False: Niceness v Christian Virtue – "Niceness," as nice as it is, is not a Christian virtue.

The Two Parts of the Christian Life – This is why the catechism asks about the nature of true repentance or true conversion. Since the so-called Second Great Awakening of the 19th century, American Christians have tended to talk about a “conversion” experience. In that context Christians might speak of responding to an altar call or something of that sort. When the Reformed speak about “conversion,” however, they are speaking not of a single decisive event (e.g., an altar call) but rather of the daily dying to sin and living to Christ. Paul describes the Christian life in terms of a baptism, an identification with Christ’s death:

I’ll Cry on Saturday, but I’ll Laugh on Sunday – Out of the Horse’s Mouth – Saturday is a day for lamenting the loss of the culture war, but Sunday is a day for praise, because Christ is risen!

July 20, 2015

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