Ligonier 2015 Regional Conference: Audio and Video – The audio and video from the conference we attended last month is now online. The conference's theme was "Pilgrims in Progress."

The Law/Gospel Rant – I want to talk about a specific problem in preaching and teaching: the problem of preferring law over Gospel.

What does a modern day Judaizer look like? – So the error of the Judaizers is a very modern error indeed, as well as a very ancient error. It is found in the modern church wherever men seek salvation by “surrender” instead of by faith, or by their own character instead of by the imputed righteousness of Christ, or by “making Christ master in the life” instead of by trusting in His redeeming blood. In particular, it is found wherever men say that “the real essentials” of Christianity are love, justice, mercy, and other virtues, as contrasted with the great doctrines of God’s word. These are all just different ways of exalting the merit of man over against the cross of Christ; they are all of them attacks upon the very heart and core of the Christian religion.

Why “Let Go and Let God” Is a Bad Idea – Keswick theology is appealing because Christians struggle with sin and want to be victorious in that struggle now. Keswick theology offers a quick fix, and its shortcut to instant victory appeals to genuine longings for holiness, however it is not biblically sound.

What Is Divine Impassibility? – A standard definition of the doctrine of divine impassibility (DDI) asserts that God does not experience emotional changes either from within or effected by his relationship to creation.

April 2, 2015

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