Is It Christians’ Job to “Reclaim the Culture for Christ”? – It is not the job of Christians to "reclaim" this present world's cultures. Christianity is the culture of a people who are no longer at home in this present evil world destined for destruction. They are citizens of the world to come.

Why Christians Need Confessions – Despite claims to the contrary, the Christian world is not divided between those who have creeds and confessions and those who just have the Bible. It is actually divided between those who have creeds and confessions and write them down in a public form, open to public scrutiny and correction, and those who have them and do not write them down. The reason is simple: every church (and indeed every Christian) believes the Bible means something, and what it thinks the Bible means is its creed and confession, whether it chooses to write its beliefs down or not.

Christianity Is a Religion (Thank God!) – We don’t need less religion; we need more! We need a religion that affirms that all people stand condemned before the holy bar of God’s justice, and that all believers stand justified in God’s gracious presence. And we need a religion that stimulates rescued sinners to devote their entire lives to the praise of their rescuer. This religion will compel men and women to do good and resist sin.

A Defense Of Halloween – It has become routine in October for some Christian schools to send out letters warning parents about the evils of Halloween, and it has become equally routine for me to be asked questions about this matter.

The General Equity Of The Law – The general equity was the moral law that the judicial laws, unique to Israel, were based on. Thus it is the moral law that continues to be of use. The judicial laws *only* help provide us with specific examples of how the moral law was applied to Israel

October 27, 2014

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