Nobody Is Going To Get Left Behind (Because There Will Be No Rapture) – Are we living in the last days? Absolutely, but we have been ever since Jesus walked out of the tomb on Easter morning.

5 Ways To Lose the Battle Against Sin – The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. One of the ways such deceit manifests itself is through convincing us that we have battled a sin and put that sin to death when really we have done nothing of the sort.

Why ‘Left Behind’ should be… left behind – To put it bluntly, and perhaps to the chagrin of some readers, the idea of a “rapture” is simply not biblically based (and that's where I've lost a third of you!) It represents, instead, a theology based on escapism and in the process does damage to what the Bible really do

When A Brother Or Sister Is Ensnared In Sin – What To Do (And Not Do) – God’s word says that if anyone is caught in ANY transgression we should restore them with gentleness. ANY transgression – believers fall hard at times. Believers get ensnared in bad things. Sin is deceptive and very often believers fall prey to its wiles. Although it’s disappointing and sad and at times shocking when a fellow believer confesses falling into a serious sin, we must be careful in the way we react to them.

Help for those who feel “Disconnected” at Church – What follows is a list, some help for those who are aiming to feel connected at church.

October 5, 2014

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