The Ordinary Christian Life – Ordinary does not mean mediocre. Athletes, architects, humanitarians, and artists can vouch for the importance of everyday faithfulness to mundane tasks that lead to excellence.

Semper Reformanda by Michael Horton – What does "Semper Reformanda" mean?

Justification by Death? by R.C. Sproul – It is an implicit universalism that assumes everyone goes to heaven when he or she dies.

Setting Priorities For The Congregation – Why are we here (as a local congregation)? To preach the Word, administer the sacraments and discipline. To worship God according to his Word. To reach the lost with the law and the gospel. To catechize covenant youth and converts. To nurture communicants. To visit the ill and infirm. To relieve suffering in the congregation.

He Is The Savior And We Are The Saved (1) – “Too many Christians think they are a little Jesus’. They aren’t. They are Christians.” – Christians are often tempted to try to do the work that only Jesus can do.

September 1, 2014

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