~THE GORDIAN KNOT~: The Gospel of the Synagogue Versus the Gospel of the Son of God – What makes Christian sermons distinctively Christian? What damage could be done in the life of the Christian church if our sermons lose their distinctively Christian character? 

Biblical-Theological Exposition and Hermeneutics – The Reformed orthodox were exegetically driven and their hermeneutic was a whole-Bible hermeneutic, evidenced in such concepts as their highly nuanced view of sensus literalis (literal sense), analogia Scripturae (analogy of Scripture), analogia fidei (analogy of faith), and scopus Scripturae (scope of Scripture).1 It is of vital importance to understand the nuances involved with these concepts in order to properly understand how our Confession comes to the conclusions it does and, more importantly, to interpret the Bible properly.

A Simple Way To Pray by Martin Luther

The State of Theology – What do Americans believe about God, salvation, ethics, and the Bible?

Why Legalistic Preaching Doesn’t Work | For The Church – Legalism is the pursuit of good works abstracted from faith in an effort to garner God’s favor and blessing. Moralism is the attempt to obey or impose the ethical commands of the Bible abstracted from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Much preaching in Christian churches is simply a collection of legalistic moralisms.

Why Don’t Reformed Churches Rebaptize People? « The Reformed Reader – If a person was baptized in a Methodist, Brethren, or Baptist church, he or she would likely not have to be baptized again to join a Reformed baptist church.

January 3, 2017

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